Lads’ magazines: What is “lad”

For this part of the blog, I will be explaining how women are portrayed in men’s’ magazines, particularly lads magazines.

Lads’ magazine are a subcategory of men’s’ magazines generally aimed towards straight men. The term “lad” was coined from British culture during the 90’s. It is generally used to refer to young men and boys in general.

” LAD’ lad, n a boy; a youth; a male companion, workmate, etc; a stableman or woman, a dashing, high-spirited or extrovert man(colloq)”

(The Chambers’ Dictionary, 2001, pg. 899)

To define this subculture of people, one could observe the behaviour of some of the male youth culture around us. But to examine this topic further, we should use the term “lad culture”

Lad culture is considered a lifestyle but it’s not a lifestyle that one would willingly pursue. This lifestyle can be considered a luxury as it’s a way of “living to the fullest”. This is quite similar to the “yuppie” culture as they both involve living in a style that ignores the negative backlash presented in these cultures. It’s also a culture which can only be experience by the young and young at heart.

Lad culture can be just described as just sexual banter, footy talk, drunken antics and poor diets. Yuppie culture is roughly spending money on items that would be expensive for most people but buying it for the purpose of looking good in front of others or for indulging.

There have been tv shows that portray or parody this culture. Such as the sitcom “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps” which first aired at 2001 and ran for 9 seasons. Another sitcom which can be compared to this was “Men Behaving Badly” which ran from 1992 to 1998.

Lad culture has also been shown to lead to hooliganism which then leds to vandalism and bullying sometimes due to drunk behaviour. This quote relates to this point;

“Laddism[ lad culture] was a celebration of the irresponsible, of unreconstructed young men running wild…” (Beynon, J. (2002) Masculinities and Culture, Buckingham, Open University Press)

Although, this could just mean that times have changed and this could be very well be a new part which gives way to more subcultures like the similar “ladettes” lifestyle.

Matthew Odei-Hanson (0737252)


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